March 20th marks the official start of spring, and we are happy to welcome sunshine, warmer temperatures and longer days. Along with nicer weather, we associate spring with a time of renewal and cleaning house—literally. But why stop with your home? We bet your vehicle could use a little love, too! Following are some tips to get your home and vehicle in tip-top shape:

We tend to focus on cleaning things at eye level, but it’s a good idea to work from the top down when it comes to wiping and dusting. Use a vacuum to remove cobwebs and allergens. Once you have cleaned your home’s perimeter, you can focus on the details such as windows and doors. Don’t forget to clean both the inside and outside. If you want your doors to really sparkle and shine, use liquid polish to finish the hardware. Speaking of windows, draperies and window treatments could use some attention at least annually. Most curtains are machine washable, and all others can be dry cleaned.

Furniture should also be a priority, as it gets daily use. Remove cushions and spot treat as necessary. Finish by vacuuming underneath cushions and all furniture. Wood furniture will benefit from a good polishing. Now it’s time for the finishing touches. Wash tile floors and grout, and polish wood floors. Carpets can be deep-cleaned with a wet-dry vac, but more delicate material may require professional cleaning.

Think both inside and out. We suggest you start with removing any trash or clutter. Wipe down cup holders, the dashboard and other surfaces that tend to collect dust. Then vacuum, getting into all the nooks and crannies. Cloth seats can be treated with a gentle cleaner. Leather seats will require special treatment. Clean windows with glass cleaner and microfiber towels. For a finishing touch, take your vehicle through a car wash at one of our six car wash locations at Forward Convenience Stores. Nothing beats that just washed sparkle!

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