There’s a lot to be said for Michigan ingenuity. Michigan has made its share of contributions in terms of innovations over the years. Did you know these concepts or brands owe their inception to Michigan inventors?

  1. Fiber optics: Where would we be without the internet? Donald B. Keck, who earned his Ph.D. from Michigan State University, helped develop the first optical fiber which is now a staple of modern telecommunications.
  2. Canned baby food: Mothers know there’s no color like canned peas. Daniel Frank Gerber, Jr., of Fremont, Mich., introduced this concept in 1928.
  3. Boeing Airplane: The company started when William Boeing of Detroit wanted to improve on the aircrafts of his time—and he got the job done!
  4. Vernors: America’s oldest ginger ale calls Michigan home. Named after its pharmacist inventor, Detroit-based Vernors is still a fan favorite, 130 years later.
  5. Hospital Bed: Dr. Homer Stryker of Kalamazoo, Mich. changed patient care for the better. His most famous invention was the patient-operated Circ-O-Letric Bed.

We look forward to seeing what the next generation of Michigan inventors will produce. Michigan ranks third in the number of engineering degrees awarded annually — more than 6,500! So it’s only a matter of a time before we see the next big thing!