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What is Fuel Rewards?

Fuel Rewards is Shell’s national loyalty program that rewards customers by allowing them to earn cents off per gallon of fuel they purchase. The program has been in place for several years and is available at all Forward Shell locations already. In fact, around 20 percent of you currently use it when you fuel up.

The big change going forward, though, is that you’ll be able to earn additional cents off through select purchases. If you play your cards right and use it often, you can stack the savings to 20-30-40¢ a gallon regularly. That’s like someone putting an extra $5 in your pocket!

Does it cost anything?

Nope. The only cost you’ll incur when using Fuel Rewards is the cost of the stuff you’re buying. But you’re already paying for that, we’re just giving you cents off a gallon of fuel now when you do.

Is this a credit card?

Don’t worry, it’s not a credit card. This is a loyalty program.

How do I sign up?
There are several easy ways to enroll.
Visit your app store and download the “Fuel Rewards Program” app and sign up.

Text APP to 83835

How does it work?
How do I use it?

There are a few ways to use Fuel Rewards.

The easiest way is to download the app on your smartphone and link your credit/debit card to your account. Once linked, anytime you use that card at the pump or in store it automatically uses your Fuel Rewards account and is building up cents off. Plus, Shell partners with many notable brands and restaurants so using your linked card at those locations will lead to more savings.

If you don’t link a credit/debit card, you can also use the telephone number you provided at sign up as an alternate ID. Just enter it when prompted on the pump or on the credit card reader at checkout.

The third way to use it is to request a physical fuel rewards card in store. You can then go onto your account through the app and link that card to your account and use it at the pump or in store.

Ultimately, when you use Fuel Rewards at the pump you will be asked whether you want to use any cents off you’ve accumulated. If you’re just earning the regular everyday 3¢ or 5¢, it will come off automatically. Anything above and beyond that, you will be asked if you wish to redeem. Remember, you can only redeem up to 20 gallons worth, so you may want to save it to fill up your car/truck and not the gas can you use for the lawnmower.

How do I earn additional cents off?

You’ll get 5¢ per gallon as long as you fuel up at least two times/month. After that, you’ll earn additional cents off in a number of ways:

  • 5¢ for every $25 you spend in store (excluding fuel, tobacco, alcohol, lottery/lotto)

  • Purchasing the monthly Fuel Rewards specials. For example, one month, Snickers may be buy two (2) get 5¢ off. So you’d earn 5¢ when you buy two but you’d also get 10¢ if you buy four, 15¢ if you buy six, etc.

  • Taking advantage of different national partnerships. Partnerships are being added regularly, so to view an updated list visit

  • Taking advantage of select local deals. At Forward, for example, you automatically earn 10¢ off for every car wash you purchase. You’ll also get 5¢ every five fountain drinks or coffees you purchase.

How do I find out about the different specials?

Signage will be posted in all stores and the cashier will have a list at the counter of different specials going. In addition, you can always check the Fuel Rewards app and it will show you all the Fuel Rewards offers available at that time.

Select locations may also have a “Fuel Rewards” section, where products with Fuel Rewards deals that month will be featured in a specific part of the store.

Do the cents off expire?

They do. The cents off you earn expire at different times and those can be found in the app. For most, the offer expires on the last day of the month one month after the month it was earned. So 5¢ earned on June 15 will expire on July 31. Plenty of time to use it, for sure!

Are there limits to the Fuel Rewards specials?

Sometimes you’re limited to earning five rewards per single transactions. So if Snickers were Buy (2) get 5¢ off, you could buy 10 Snickers and earn 25¢ off. You could go back in later that day and do it again, too, as the limit only exists per transactions.

Are the cents off rewards immediate?

Yep. If you purchase the product in store and earn a reward, you can walk right out to the pump and redeem it.

How do I contact Shell Fuel Rewards customer support?

Marathon Rewards.

Marathon Rewards is Marathon’s national loyalty program that rewards customers by allowing them to earn points every time they purchase fuel and select store items. The program is available at all three Forward Marathon locations. For more information on Marathon Rewards, visit



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