Fall in the Midwest is synonymous with sweaters, boots, bonfires and cozy drinks. We’re here to make your fall days a little more enjoyable with some liquid treats. Whether you crave boozy comfort drinks or a virgin pick-me-up, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few recipes to make for your next get-together:

  • Alcoholic:
    Mexican coffee: Goodbye, boring coffee. This boozy concoction has a kick with cayenne and cinnamon.
  • Apple cider cocktail: Grapes, apples, lemon, and orange never tasted so good together. Serve on the rocks and garnish with an apple slice.
  • Sparkling cranberry rose: Rose is the “it” drink of 2017. Sugar cubes, cranberry juice, and rose wine form a refreshing flavor bouquet. For an extra punch, place a skewer of fresh cranberries in each glass.
  • Pumpkin martini: This drink tastes like pumpkin pie in liquid form.

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  • Non-alcoholic:
    Caramel apple smoothie: This is the perfect drink for an Indian Summer day. Just throw a few ingredients in the blender and you’re set!
  • Pumpkin spice latte: What is fall without pumpkin everything? Top with whipped cream for a creamy finish.
  • Dirty chai latte: This tea-based drink is a mix of comfort and spice. Substitute nut milk if you’re avoiding dairy.
  • Drinking caramel: Who knew you could enjoy caramel in liquid form? This drink gives hot chocolate a run for its money!

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