The United States is an interesting place. We are one country, yet each state has its own cultural identity. Michigan is no exception. Have you ever considered some of the expressions or slang you use on a regular basis? To outsiders, they might seem odd or humorous. We just think they are classic Michigan and quaint. Here are a few commonly used ones:

  • Meijers, Krogers and Forwards: (instead of Meijer, Kroger and Forward): We like to magically add an “s” to these stores for some reason.
  • The Mitten: How many states can say they are shaped like a recognizable object? We identify our home by whether we’re from “the thumb” or by pointing to an area on our hand.
  • Up North: Going Up North literally just means heading north a couple hours. This northbound trek has defined so many Michiganders’ summers.
  • Yoopers: A reference to the abbreviation for the “Upper Peninsula,” this is what people from that northern region are called.
  • Party store: Need beer, wine or liquor? You hit up the party store, of course! In other states, they call it the liquor store. Doesn’t party store sound like more fun?
  • Yuh guys: Just like the South has y’all, Michigan has its own informal way of addressing a group of people—male or female. “Yuh guys” is classic Michigan speak.
  • Pop: People on the East Coast may refer to the carbonated beverage as “soda,” but it will forever be “pop” to us!

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