Millions of Americans will visit a theme park before school resumes again in the fall. They’ll return home with sticky car seats, silly souvenirs and endless memories. If you’re planning an upcoming visit to a theme park, here are a few safety tips to make the experience fun and safe for everyone:

  1. Be aware of your surroundings.Needless to say, seasoned parents already have a second set of eyes in the back of their heads. Even so, the distractions of new sights and sounds can cause a lapse in attention. Children are particularly prone to slipping away to see that character in costume or seek out a sweet treat.
  2. Wear your purse.Don’t you wish you had three hands, when you’re out of your element busy parents can always use an extra free hand. Granted fanny packs may not be the height of fashion, but they’re invaluable when you’re traveling. You also may be able to rent lockers to keep valuables safe.
  3. Pack a small supply of pre-moistened wipes.How many times has a towelette saved the day? Amusement parks are full of sticky, messy food. You also sweat more when you are outside and active, so a wipe can come in handy in feeling a little fresher.
  4. Prioritize safety.When you first arrive at the amusement park, recite the rules with your small fry. Know which rides are permitted according to height minimums. Also, have a safety plan in place. What happens if someone gets separated from the group? Have a designated meeting place so that you can be easily reunited.
  5. Think health. Sunscreen is an essential, especially for kids. Hats and sunglasses can help offset harmful rays. Also, be sure everyone stays hydrated. You can bring a water bottle and refill it at drinking fountains.

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