U-pick orchards allow people to gain a deeper appreciation for nature and a renewed connection with the land. Plus, you can’t beat the freshness. Here are several tips to make your fall u-pick experience safe and fun for everyone:

  1. Wear the right clothes.Leave the flip flops and sandals at home. Instead, gear up with sturdy shoes or boots to protect little (and big) toes. Bring a jacket or sweatshirt in case it’s one of those brisk fall days. Wear a hat and sunscreen even if the sun is obscured.
  2. Put safety first. On a u-pick farm, you may feel a false sense of security because you’re in a remote area. However, farms are not immune from dangers. Even a fall from a short ladder can be dangerous. Do not eat any produce before washing it thoroughly at home. Stay hydrated. (You can pick up snacks and drinks in advance at Forward Convenience Stores.)
  3. Find out in advance what’s in season.Craving apples? In search of the perfect pumpkin for your porch? Be sure to inquire about harvest time and seasonal availability.
  4. Do your homework. Some farms might ask that you bring your own reusable bags to transport items. Others might not have public restrooms. Most farms do not allow pets. Do some research before you arrive so there are no surprises.
  5. Extend the fun.Find recipes that incorporate the produce and encourage your kids to join in. Pumpkin seeds make a tasty and healthy snack. You might consider canning so you can enjoy the fruit into the winter.

Michigan is home to several u-pick farms and orchards. Use this map to find one in your area. Don’t forget to share your family fun on our Facebook page!