Forward Rewards Terms and Conditions


By applying for and using the Forwards Rewards Card, the Participant agrees to be bound by the current Forward Rewards Terms and Conditions, a copy of which can be obtained at

Forward Rewards Participants must register their Forward Rewards card/virtual card in order to redeem rewards.

Club points earned expire after 6 months of inactivity within that club.

All prizes, products, or the brand, image, or trademark thereof, featured in any Forward Rewards Sweepstakes are independently owned and are not affiliated or associated in any way with Forward Rewards or Forward Corporation.

Points may be earned at participating Forward Corporation locations and premises of Forward Corporation Partners for qualifying purchases (as specified by Forward Corporation) using approved payment means.

Points and visit count will not be accumulated for the following purchases: Lottery Tickets, Cigarettes, Bottle Deposits, Gift Cards, Licenses & Permits, Video Rentals, Store Services or Third Party Services.

Participants must have a valid Forward Rewards account to earn points. The card/alternative ID must be used at the time of purchase. Points will not be awarded without a valid Forward Rewards card/alternative ID or for previous purchases.

Only one Forward Rewards card/alternative ID per customer. Points may not be combined or transferred between participants.

Forward Rewards rewards may be redeemed at any participating Forward Corporation location, unless otherwise specified, so long as the reward item is available at the location.

To be accepted by any participating Forward Corporation location, rewards must not be expired. Validation of Participant details may be required in order to redeem reward.

Forward Corporation may substitute rewards or prizes for those of a comparable value without notice.

Forward Corporation is not responsible for unredeemed points, however these may be replaced at Forward Corporation’s discretion.

Forward Corporation is not responsible for any errors or lost rewards resulting from computer hardware or software errors or fraud.

All Forward Rewards cards are licensed to Forward Corporation and card ownership does not transfer to the Participant. Forward Corporation may cancel any Forward Rewards account at any time at its sole discretion.

Forward Corporation may amend the Forward Rewards Participant Terms and Conditions or any specific Forward Rewards promotion at any time. It is the Participant’s obligation to keep informed of the latest Forward Rewards Terms and Conditions.

By signing up for a Forward Rewards account and providing your email address, you will automatically be enrolled to receive emails from Forward Corporation. You can unsubscribe from the emails at any time.

Forward Corporation reserves the right to terminate the Forward Rewards program at any, or all participating locations at any time without prior notice.